- A thin, crispy flatbread stuffed with various fillings, is a popular street snack originally from Hubei Province in China. 

WHY the name Crop Circle?

- Each crop circle is made of wheat in an original and creative pattern — just like the flatbread, Guokui. We serve a regional variation of the original Guokui - Hubei Jingzhou Style. The dough is first stuffed, sprinkled with sesame seeds, and then flattened into an oval shape before being baked in a cylindrical tandoor-style oven at 300°C (572°F). After two to three minutes, the flatbread is taken out of the oven and served immediately to make sure the customers can enjoy its ultra-crispy texture. The cooked Guokui is “bigger than your face” and is lightly goldenbrown. Biting into it, the combined flavors of toasted flour and the sweet or savory filling will tantalize the taste buds!


- Shrimp

- Spicy Beef

- Pork

- Chicken

- Preserved Vegetables

- Brown Sugar

We provide SOUP. A combo of one Guokui and one soup is recommended.

- Tamato, Egg, and Seaweed Soup

- Chilled Red Bean Soup


​A small dish of dim sum, a thin crepe roll made from a wide strip of rice noodles, filled with ingredients. Seasoned specially-made sauce is poured over the dish upon serving. 

- Beef

- Shrimp

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