Crop Circle

Founded in August 2019 in New York City, Crop Circle is a fast-casual restaurant that aims to bring Chinese street food “Guokui” to New Yorkers to challenge the ever-changing New York palette. Located steps away from Washington Square Park, Crop Circle features crispy, stuffed flatbread, braised meats, soups and other traditional Chinese small bites. 

Being a pioneer of bringing Guokui to the U.S. market, the team believes product authenticity is paramount. Our Product Development team visited the hometown of Guokui, located in Gong’an County, Jing Zhou City, Hubei Province, for months to learn and develop recipes and cooking techniques. It was then brought back to New York, perfected and tailored to the local market.

At Crop Circle, our team focuses on bringing the street food "GUOKUI" to local New Yorkers and foodies. Originally from China, Guokui is a stuffed, crispy flatbread, think Chinese Pizza or pancake, served with various fillings. We offer both savory and sweet flavor profiles, including spicy beef, shrimp, pork, and red bean, just to name a few. All fillings and doughs are freshly made in house and baked in a clay oven, which results in our super thin-layered and flavorful Guokui in every single bite. 


The history of Guokui dates back to hundreds of years ago and has now become prevalent in the Chinese food industry. We are proud to be the first to introduce the delicious product to the U.S., and is excited to find out how the local market and palette react to it.



Think crispy flatbread or thin-crust pizza except with fillings stuffed versus scattered on top.

WHY the name Crop Circle?

Each Crop Circle is made of wheat in an original and creative pattern — just like the flatbread, Guokui. We serve a regional variation of the original Guokui - Hubei Jingzhou Style. The dough is first stuffed, sprinkled with sesame seeds, and then flattened into an oval shape before being baked in a cylindrical tandoor-style oven at 300°C (572°F). After two to three minutes, the flatbread is taken out of the oven and served immediately to make sure the customers can enjoy its ultra-crispy texture. The cooked Guokui is “bigger than your face” and is lightly golden brown. Biting into it, the combined flavors of toasted flour and the sweet or savory filling will tantalize the taste buds!



  • Spicy Beef

  • Pork & Preserved Veg

  • Salted Egg Yolk & Pork Floss

  • Pork

  • Cajun Chicken

  • Shrimp

  • Preserved Veg

  • Taro

  • Pumpkin & Coconut

  • ​Red Bean


  • Hawaiian Mango

  • Teriyaki

  • House chili

OTTA Management Group

OTTA is a hospitality management company that specializes in localizing authentic, lesser-known Chinese cuisine in the U.S. market; taking a traditional Chinese dish and adding a modern twist to it, we thrive to discover the secret recipe that accommodates both Asian expats and the local palette. The company also aims to form strategic partnerships with renowned local chefs for new restaurant openings and management.